Living Stone
Concrete design°

Luxury Concrete Products Expertly Crafted in the US

Bespoke Concrete

(for residential spaces)

Luxury Concrete Products Expertly Crafted in the US

Bespoke Concrete

(for commercial spaces)

Luxury Concrete Products Expertly Crafted in the US

Bespoke Concrete

(curated for you)

Living Stone
Concrete design°

Built-to-spec concrete products for commercial and residential spaces.

If you are an interior designer, architect, builder, contractor, business owner, or a homeowner seeking unique concrete products, you've come to the right place!

Our custom-made concrete products are exceptionally durable, have exquisite authenticity, and have unparalleled natural aesthetic appeal. We seamlessly blend quality and craftsmanship with an exclusive concrete blend to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

Collaborating closely with you ensures the end result perfectly aligns with your vision, style, and specifications. All Living Stone Concrete Design products are handcrafted in Minnesota and available for nationwide shipping.

The depth, variation, texture, drama, & movement you can achieve with concrete

are second to none. 

At Living Stone Concrete Design, we blend ingenuity with expertise. We collaborate with visionary designers, architects, builders, contractors, business owners, and homeowners to sculpt one-of-a-kind pieces from water, stone, and sand.

Why Concrete

With 27 in-stock colors and seven finishes, your options are endless.

Concrete Products For residential and commercial Spaces

ADA sinks



Range Hoods



and more


Reception Desks


Fire Features

Shower surrounds

Stair Treads

Wall Cladding



Drink Rails






Fireplace Surrounds


Stair Treads

Proprietary process +
exclusive blend of concrete +
Minimal Environmental impact

What makes us


We collaborate closely with our clients, crafting hand-made concrete products that infuse texture and visual allure into every space.

Our exclusive blend of materials and proprietary process yields a highly customizable, stunningly beautiful, distinctively durable product with extraordinary strength. It is these qualities that enable us to deliver design without compromise.

Our blend is 40% lighter and 2x stronger than traditional concrete or other stones, allowing you to use concrete in more places. 

Sustainability is at the core of our values. Our environmentally friendly product and process reflect our commitment to responsible practices.

meet the CEO

Hello, I'm       


A former corporate marketer turned concrete fanatic.

I believe that beauty brings joy. After leaving the stagnant corporate healthcare world, I pursued my passion for creating beautiful things. The warmth, beauty, organic movement, and perfectly imperfect attributes of concrete captivate me. 

"Their concrete wall cladding was made with quality craftsmanship and care, resulting in a beautiful, unique, and timeless siding application."

— Sarah Imhoff, Imprint Architect


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Concrete Decisions

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