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Our Process

At Living Stone Concrete Design, our journey began with a deep passion for concrete and a mission to create beautiful things. We recognize concrete's irresistible charm, which is why we pour our hearts into every step, from conception to completion.

Our team of skilled artisans continually pushes creative boundaries with concrete. We take immense pride in crafting luxurious and unparalleled concrete masterpieces for homes and businesses nationwide.

Whether it's creating breathtaking installations for commercial spaces or small yet impactful powder rooms, every piece from Living Stone Concrete Design is meticulously handcrafted right here in the United States.


Our concrete products are designed-to-spec,  fabricated in our
MN-based facility & shipped nationwide.  

Concrete’s allure is its sense of performance. To honor that longevity, we are diligent about the details and attentive to every facet, from imagination through installation. Our artisans have a thoughtful, informed, respectful relationship with their material. 

Our exclusive blend of natural materials yields a far superior product; it is 40% lighter and 2x stronger than traditional concrete or stone materials. It is highly customizable, stunningly beautiful, distinctively durable, and has extraordinary integrity. These qualities enable us to deliver design without compromise.

working with us ↓

understand costs before making a COMMITMENT

01. Estimate

Custom concrete pieces don't come with a published price, so we provide free estimates for every project.

To get started, we need your contact information, project specifications, and inspirational photos. With that information, we can quickly provide you with an estimate.

limited only by your imagination

02. Design

We will iterate with you on the possibilities. This stage is a collaboration between you, our artisans, and engineers. We will build and refine shop drawings and mock-ups of the finished product.

We’ll meticulously document the final piece, discussing preferences about color, finish, texture, pattern, and shape. We'll provide samples so you can envision the final product in detail.

time to get our hands dirty

03. Create

Crafting your custom product is a multi-day, multi-step process. After our drafters work closely with you to flush out every detail, ensuring a customized experience, our team builds each mold to the specifications of your project, and our skilled artisans hand-fill the molds with our proprietary blend of concrete. Once cured, each piece undergoes meticulous hand processing, polishing, and sealing to ensure longevity and beauty.

Our commercial-strength, food-safe sealer penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a protective, integrated barrier against stains and scratches. The result is a one-of-a-kind functional work of art suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

True Art isn't mass produced

04. Deliver

Living Stone Concrete Design offers delivery and installation services or the option to pick up the piece from our studio for projects located in Minneapolis and nearby areas.

If you're located out of state or internationally, worry not. We'll custom-build your project to specification and ship it to your location, accompanied by detailed installation and care instructions.

Discover the exceptional craftsmanship and versatility of concrete, designed to elevate any design-forward space.


We believe in doing good work

and being nice

We pride ourselves not only on providing high-quality bespoke concrete products but also on delivering exceptional customer service. We consider ourselves more than a trade as we partner with some of the most respected architects, designers, and builders.

We understand that our success is directly linked to your success, and we strive to support you in every way possible. We focus on open communication, adherence to production schedules, and delivering high-quality work.

Through partnerships with designers, architects, builders, and contractors, we bring the beauty and allure of concrete to more people, and that makes us happy!


Our Finishes

Colorful and unique, Terrazzo is a beautifully distinct finish created by blending raw aggregates into concrete. Each Terrazzo blend is customizable by concrete color, and  aggregate color, and size. 


Layered and full of movement, our unique formula for pressed finish combines the timelessness of the old world with the smoothness of a honed finish. It is available in multiple colors or monochromatic.  


Variegated and distinctive. Our acid stain is a chemical solution applied to the concrete that reacts with the limestone to create translucent color effects, enhancing its appearance with a unique artistic look.

Acid Stain

The detail of natural wood patterns is directly formed on the concrete face, showcasing the wood's grain, knots, and unique characteristics. 


Natural and organic. Old World finish appeals to those desiring a timeless, weathered, unrefined aesthetic, evoking a sense of history and organic charm.

old world

Smooth and uniform, our honed finish showcases the organic movement of hand-cast concrete, only exposing small amounts of sand with minimal pores and texture.


COlor Guide

Concrete Colors

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating hues with our comprehensive color guide. Explore a palette that sparks inspiration.

Click the link to embark on a journey of endless possibilities.

what they're saying:

“As a designer, I love working with Living Stone Concrete Design because they bring my vision to life in a truly unique and lasting way ”

— Elizabeth, Commercial Designer

what they're saying:

"They did a fantastic job with our pieces. They look wonderful. We are so happy."

— Kristi, residential homeowner

what they're saying:

At Hagstrom Builder, we are committed to achieving excellence and exceeding our clients' expectations. Living Stone Concrete Design is the epitome of our commitment to quality, infusing our projects with unparalleled craftsmanship that enhances the allure and value of our clients' homes.

— Peter Hagstrom; Hagstrom Builders

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